Work time is no time at all

What’s a student to do? Since Christmas I have been filling time with having no time at all. So many jobs to do, there’s no time for any of them. Making a start on one, you’re behind on the last… and end up with eight problems and barely a touch made on any of them. In a working environment this is pretty easy to fix by collaborating (or – conspiring) with fellow workers: we used to spike the instruction manuals we wrote for leading, here-to-be-unnamed British mobile telephone company with pictures of family members’ cats and Electric Wizard lyricsBut as a student it’s tricky. We work in little invisible boxes. And the only way to escape, sometimes, is to break out. Play darts. Get food.

who would have thunk Beavis and Butthead would spin off a cartoon that was, like, good, and stuff

At least you get pizza when you stop to get pizza

I’ve made money from jobs on the side. It’s getting to the point where I want to cut everything out and focus on work. I want work to stop being work, and start being enjoyable again. There isn’t time for work.


One thought on “Work time is no time at all

  1. Hi! I did not know that side jobs for politics postgraduates are so readily available (save for those on my site). What kinds of jobs have you taken on so far?

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