Thought it might be good to keep all the links (etc) in one place, so here you go:

Academic articles

Boulianne, 2009: Does Internet Use Affect Engagement?
A Meta-Analysis of Research
(free download)

Rys Farthing, 2010: The politics of youthful antipolitics: representing the ‘issue’ of youth participation in politics

Furlong and Cartmel, 2012: Social Change and Political Engagement Among Young People: Generation and the 2009/2010 British Election Survey

Östman, 2012: Information, expression, participation: How involvement in user- generated content relates to democratic engagement among young people

Wheaton, 2007: Identity, Politics, and the Beach: Environmental Activism in Surfers Against Sewage

Wood, 2012: Crafted within liminal spaces: Young people’s everyday politics

News articles

Fisk, Robert, As Mubarak Clings On, What Now for Egypt (in the Indy)


Parfitt, Tom (The Guardian), cyxymu: Georgian Blogger Accuses Russia

Ostrovsky, Nikolay, How the Steel was Tempered. Online, via scribd

General politics

Grossman, Dave, On Killing: Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill

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